After the first experience of our first visit to the first PR firm on our list, we moved on to our next firm with the hope of having a better experience. We walked up to India Bulls Financial Center and got ourselves a visitor’s pass for Genesis Burson-Marstellar.


We were instructed not to take any prior appointments(the reason why,we got to know later) and so we happily walked in to the office and asked for our point of contact. To our wonderful surprise, we found out that our point of contact was on leave!

Well again after waiting for quite some time, we ended up meeting her assistant, briefed her about our organization and the #ABCPrize. We handed the posters to her and requested her to encourage their employees to apply for the same.

#LeasonLearnt: Always take appointments first. Or at least check if the person is available at work no matter what your instructions are.

With even lesser hopes, we started walking towards the One India Bulls Centre to visit Edelman. We reached the office and for a change here they were at least aware of our visit. We were sent to a fancy meeting room and asked to wait.


Our first point of contact was busy in a meeting and so someone from the HR team came down to meet us. She seemed to be in a hurry and so it was a real quick meet. We spoke about our purpose of the visit, handed over the posters asking her to pin them up on the notice boards so their employees would read them and probably even apply. She was more than happy to see us off.

We were quite disappointed because we were told we’d be shown around the office and probably even have some interaction with their team. But unfortunately due to her busy scheduled none of it worked out for us.

#LessonLearnt: Never build up hopes. At least not the first time.

Well, so that’s three out of four done. Will we finally get some action and excitement ahead in the next? Read my next blog to find out! 🙂


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