We were left with one last firm to visit to conclude with our PR firm visits. And by now we had given up all hopes of anything worthwhile happening in this round of visit. Anyways, we still had to go visit them. We were quite tired from all the waiting and the walking we’d been doing for the last couple of hours. And the next firm, GOLINOPINION was quite a distance away. So we decided to take the cab and reach the place.

And guess what. The office is located in one part of the Palladium mall. We were glad we picked that firm to be our last firm so even if we came out disappointed, we still could go chill at the mall.

By far, the wait at GOLINOPINION office seemed to be the longest.After a really long wait of almost 45 mins, the assistant of our point of contact came out to meet us. And we were greeted with a “We expect you to at least check and take an appointment before you come!”. We explained to her how we were instructed not to take appointments and how Ms.Kavita Lakhani (VP of GOLINOPINION ) was already informed about us visiting them. Either she was comparatively friendlier or she was also too busy hence did not really have the time for us, so she continued the conversation towards the purpose of our visit. We spoke about us, our institute SCoRE, the PRomise Foundation and the #ABCPrize. We handed out the posters to her requesting her to encourage their employees to apply for the same.

We were so glad that we finally got done with the visits and having learnt almost nothing from any of the firms, we left for the mall. While waiting for the lift, we were busy doing what we do best – “Click Selfies”. 🙂


We were on a selfie spree when suddenly from the back we hear someone ask us “Are you guys from SCoRE?”. For a second we froze wondering if we were doing something illegal (though logically we couldn’t have!). And then it turned out, she was the President of Linopinion, Ms. Kavita Lakhani whom we were supposed to have met. She was rushing out but asked us to come along with her in the elevator and speak to her. So the next min we were in the elevator with her, talking about our institution, the organization and the prize. She was super friendly and seemed more excited about meeting us than we were.

So there we had one of the biggest Firsts of the day – “the experience of having an elevator pitch”. We ended our talks with the mandatory Selfie again.


#LessonLearnt: Time spent taking selfies is never time wasted! 🙂

Finally…Finally we got done with the official exercise. Although I wouldn’t really call it an experience with a lot of learnings, I’m glad we did it. Yes, we had a crazy lot of waiting to do, a couple of unfriendly cold calls but at the end it was all worth it.

Oh and for those of you wondering what the #ABCPrize is all about – PRomise Foundation who are the organisers of #PRAXIS5 summit for the PR and communication professionals are sponsoring a prize which is the #ABCPrize for professionals under 35 years of age under two categories – for Corporate Professionals and In-House Professionals (PR Firms). There’s a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/- and an all-expense paid participation at #PRAXIS5.

#PRAXIS5 is being organised in Aamby Valley from Sep 23-25th 2016. So all you young professionals under the age of 35, make sure you use this opportunity and register yourselves at bit.ly/TheABCPrize. Last date to apply is 2nd September 2016.


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