There always is a first time for everything, no matter which stage of life you are in. In my case this time, it was my first experience with PR firms.

I have worked for a good number of years in the IT corporate world. However, the visits last week were a whole new experience. I’m still trying to figure out which category to note them under – good or bad?

One of the best part of the entire exercise was my company. I was lucky enough to be paired with someone who I could get along with super effortlessly. The entire exercise was so much fun and never felt like a task. Thank God for that!

So like I said, there were lot of ‘firsts’ that day. To begin with, in my almost 6 years of work life I have NEVER worn semi formals let alone complete formals and here I was in a crisp ironed three piece formal. I was sweating through the AC of my class. Oh yes, we attended classes in the first half and then left for the visit. What a hardworking bunch right!

First corporate look !

As luck would have it, Mumbai chose to be very bright and sunny on that particular day. After getting done with the classes and a couple of must-have selfies we finally left for Bandra station. By God, it was so damn hot! I’m sure I lost at least half a kilogram of my weight by the first half an hour. Here begins the next of my firsts. We comfortably managed to get into the train which for once wasn’t too crowded.

My lady luck loves me to the extremes. So when she decides to keep the weather sunny, its scorching hot and when she decided to cool it down for me, we were showered with blessings from the Rain God. Imagine walking on the streets of Dadar wearing formals in the rains having just one umbrella to save ourselves.

Well somehow we managed to walk through all this and finally reached the Mahatre Pen Building where Perfect Relations had their office. It took us a while to process the environment. One of the worst locations if I may say. The pan-spit walls, the stairs covered with bird crap. There was barely space for us to walk up. On reaching the office, we were informed that the person we were to meet had just left for a meeting and hence wasn’t available. We sat there clueless wondering what to do next. We then spoke to her assistant about the purpose of our visit which was to encourage the young employees of the firm to apply for the #ABCPrize sponsored by our organization PRomise FoundationAfter handing out couple of posters to be pinned on their notice board, we left from the office. And to be honest we were glad to be out of there. That was our first experience with a PR firm which was not even half of what we expected.

#LessonLearnt: Never have any hopes.

Now where next? Wait for my next blog….. 😉


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