The PRAXIS Experience…

Finally the most talked about event of our PGPR program, PRAXIS was here. All excited, the eight of us along with the Deputy Dean of SCoRE set from Mumbai on the morning of 23rd September to Aamby Valley in two vehicles. Initially rain did play a spoil sport but as we went ahead the rains stopped and we got to enjoy the journey and the picturesque landscape along.

I have no clue as to how but I seemed to be extremely charged up for the trip in spite of having had hardly 2-3 hrs of sleep the previous night. I apparently was so active through the journey that at our pit stop for breakfast I was asked not to have coffee just in case I got more charged up! 🙂

On our way

Anyways, after a not-so-happy breakfast and a couple of twists and turns en route, we reached Aamby Valley. Such a beautiful place I must say. The weather was also equally amazing. The god was so thick that we couldn’t see anything beyond 100 mts.

By now, we were already late by 15-20mins from the scheduled arrival. After a quick check-in at the reception, we were given a brief of what the next two days would look like in action. We changed into our volunteer tees and got straight to work. The guests had already started arriving at the venue by now. While the six of us worked at the registration desk, two others were assisting Mr. Kiruba Shankar, the MC for the event backstage.

Meet us at the registration! 🙂

The first half of the day was quite hectic with the registrations. However, no matter how busy we are, there’s always time for selfies and tweets. 🙂

During the second half when registrations got a little relaxed, we in pairs of two or three would take turns to go in and sit through the sessions. Couple of the sessions were quite engaging, informative and interesting.

Finally the session came to an end with a live performance by The Indian Jam Project and of course dinner and cocktails. 😉

It was a fun filled night with lots of food, drinks and music. A much needed happy break from the regular hectic schedule of college and assignments and presentations. The night ended on a happy and very late note back in our room where we continued with our girl talks and discussed the day’s events.


The second day also began on the same note where we started with registrations which by now had gotten quite relaxed. So we had more time to attend the sessions.

Before we left from Mumbai, we were given two assignments (oh yeah! They never let us be) which we had to work on during PRAXIS. So post a rushed lunch and a stern reminder and warning from our Deputy Dean, we started networking with the guests and delegates. Initially what felt like a rather strict punishment, later started getting interesting. Talking and interacting with the PR and Corp Comm professionals was good. Few a little unfriendly but couple of them were quite friendly and interactive. We took quotes from them, collected their business cards and also informed them we’d get in touch with them post PRAXIS.

By now it was time for the vote of thanks to conclude PRAXIS. We, as team SCoRE, were introduced to the world of PR and Corp Comm. Oh yeah, a couple of us also won scholarships on scoring well in the entrance exam. 🙂

Finally, it was time for the much awaited evening of Fulcrum Awards. PRAXIS concluded with a very powerful and inspiring talk by Dr. A. Velumani, Chairman and MD, Thyrocare and soon after the Fulcrum Awards began.

Selfie with Mr. Velumani

Fulcrum Awards saw a lot of teams and firms getting recognition and appreciation for being the best. The proudest moment for us was when one of our professor, Mr. Ambuj Dixit won the category for “Best Internal Communication and Employee Engagement”. That feeling when one of your own wins something is completely different.

The second and final day concluded with the power packed performance by Voctronica and of course the “Dinner and Cocktails”! 😉

After a night full of fun, food, some more drinks and a lot of dancing we managed to get back to our rooms and the after party was continued there. It was more fun on this night because all the eight of us had gotten together. While one of us might have passed out, the rest of us continued with our chats and gossips. No idea when the rest dispersed and we also passed out on our beds.

Next morning, after a quick breakfast and an even quicker checkout, we set back to Mumbai on our cabs, back to the routine, with a couple of stops in Lonavala and many more selfies of course! 🙂

All in all, PRAXIS was a great experience. Great learning from some very good speakers, good networking and loads of fun.

Here’s to having many more of fun learnings and networking events like PRAXIS!