It’s finally here… The most awaited week of September… The most awaited week for the world of PR and communication… The most awaited week since we joined the PR program at SPICE

Firstly the venue – Aamby Valley, and then the opportunity of meeting the who’s who of PR and communication, being introduced to them, there’s so much to look forward to at PRAXIS 5.

My previous blog had my experience of visiting PR firms which was a part of influencer outreach for PRAXIS. So, the excitement of being part of an event of such large scale has been building up since the last couple of weeks.

I feel very fortunate to be getting a chance to attend PRAXIS right at the start of my journey into the PR world. I’ve always loved volunteering and luckily enough at PRAXIS 5, along with attending the summit, we would also be a part of the organizing team and volunteer. How exciting!

Here’s looking forward to two days of loads of fun, learnings, networking and socializing (and of course good food and hopefully couple of drinks as well!!! 😉 ) !


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