The long-awaited Diwali vacations are finally here. The last one week of college seemed never-ending, with the zillion final assignments and presentations to be submitted. The only thing that somehow kept us all going was the thought of the up-coming 10-day long vacation, which would be a good break from this chaotic stressful life buried under assignments.

I was looking forward to it very eagerly as I would be travelling back home for a good 10 days with all plans of spending time doing literally nothing except for lazing around and sleeping.  And POP! My bubble of happiness was burst by not just one or two, but truck loads of assignments dumped on us (literally!).

C’est la vie !

Having no other choice, with a heavy heart and a longer list of pending work to be completed, I left for my so-called Diwali break from Mumbai to my grandparents’ place. Although flights are always convenient and quick, the fun of a train journey is entirely different. Travelling with random people is an experience in itself, although it depends on the kind of people you get to travel with. I was lucky that I had decent company. But for me train journeys are mostly about catching up on my lost sleep. And I slept through 90% of my journey! 🙂

That rare smell of fresh unpolluted air, the sound of local language being spoken and a few familiar faces on the way, YAY, I’m home!

It feels so good being welcomed by happy faces that’ve been waiting for you to come. Though I’m not sure how long the happy faces would remain happy when they see me glued to my phone or laptop trying to work. Gone were my dreams of spending my days watching TV all day long, eating, sleeping and doing nothing else! 😦

I have no idea how I’m gonna make my 85-year old grandmother understand why I’m stuck to my phone most of the time and that my “smart phone” is being used to complete my college work. Of course on the plus side, now I get to use my phone as and when I want for however long and blame it all on the assignments- the most valid and would-be-overused excuse… Poor ME! **Evil Grin**

Although it seems quite hard to happen, but here’s hoping to have happy holidays with a balance of work fun and relaxation! 🙂


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