PRAXIS 5 concluded with a very inspirational and powerful story on one’s life lessons by Dr. A. Velumani, Promoter, Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Thyrocare. It was not just an eye-opener, but how simplicity meets success.

His session was about his journey from humble beginnings to the well-established entrepreneur, the journey of a landless farmer’s son to being the powerful MD and CEO of Thryocare. His simplicity had the undivided attention of the 500 plus audience seated in the big hall of the auditorium at Aamby Valley.

His story had a very unusual impact on me. The way he narrated the story of his and emphasised on the importance of having a very humble life was very inspiring and definitely has left quite a lasting impression on me.

He believes in- “Focus, focus and focus is the mantra to succeed and exceed from competition”. And this is how he was able to grow his investment of 2 Lakh to 3,300 Crore. He began his life with a job paying him just Rs. 150. Despite having a degree in BSc, he was not able to find any job. Either the employers seemed keener on candidates with fluency in the English language than knowledge or they simply preferred candidates with experience. This led him to decide that he would only employ freshers straight out of college. Regarding his grasp over English language, he says “English is a language; it is not knowledge. But no one seemed to realize that back then”.

It was very nice to hear about the relationship he shared with his wife. The love, understanding and support she gave him is quite unheard of these days. She was his pillar of strength to whom he owes all his success. And the sad news of her demise when narrated felt like the loss of someone well known to me personally.

He presents his talks with a sense of humour which is so natural that it immediately captivates the listeners with their undivided attention. It was funny the way he kept bringing up images of Rajnikanth the superstar along with images of himself and relate it to his presentation.

His simplicity in his presence, in his talks and everything about him including his humour breaks and engagements with the audience was applauded with a standing ovation. PRAXIS5 could not have concluded on a better note than this!


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