I was watching TV and half of the showtime was taken by the commercials, some good and cute ones, some annoyingly irritating and some just irritating stupid. So I decided to write up on one the ads I happened to see.


The Byju’s ad is about improving the getting the young children to increase their interest in the most dreaded subject Mathematics. The Ad shows how interestingly something as boring as circles and areas related to circles will be taught very interestingly and in the most simple manner at Byju’s.

What I liked about the Ad: 

Byju’s is trying to emphasis on the fact that if the children are sent to them, they would fall in love with the boring Math. I liked the way the Ad has used the illustration of how the area of a circle is related to the area of a triangle. Finding the areas of mathematical figures is quite a confusing topic. Using this topic to catch the interest of the audience which include children and the parents is a smart move. The transitions between the visualizations is also very smoothly done. The only way to make mathematics interesting is by finding connects between the concepts which will make the subject easier to learn and remember. Through the ad, Byju’s has very effectively communicated their ability to find connects which are quite interesting as well as easy to remember and relate to, thus, increasing the prospects of having more parents and children enrolling with them.

What I did not like about the Ad:

I did not like the presentation of the ad in terms of the presenter used. The presented has a slight regional accent which at times can get a bit concerning to the parents as they would not want their children to pick up any sort of regionally effected accent. Also, in the ad it is very obvious that the presenter is using a reading aid to read out his lines. Parents always prefer confident individuals teaching their children so that their kids also turn out to be confident individuals. Hence I feel that this is a very strong negative point against the ad. I also did not like the colors used in the visualization of the circle and the triangle in terms of being too bright. The colors are too bright and to a certain extent hurts my eye. Hence, watching the ad on a personal device other than the TV, I find it as strain to my eye . I had to watch and listen to the ad at least a couple of times of understand the exact purpose as there is no mention of reference to the activity illustrated.

How would I make the Ad better:

First of all I would begin with changing the presenter to a more confident looking individual. Someone who even if reading the script with the aid, would still manage to seem more confident and smart. Also, I would ensure that the presenter I select would not be influenced with any sort of accent. In the beginning of the ad, I would make the presenter announce what is the purpose of the example and the connection. For e.g add a line which mentions the purpose being finding the area of a circle using the triangle. I would also use a more subtle colors or reduced brightness for the visualization to make the ad easy on the eyes.


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