“A crisis cannot be managed; it can only be contained”.

The extent to how well the crisis can be contained however, depends on a lot of factors. It is first necessary to know what is a crisis and how a crisis is born.

There are broadly three parts that go into communication during a crisis:

1. What is happening.

2. What is being done.

3. What are the key messages being sent.

10 things to remember during a crisis:

1. In the immediate communications after a crisis is born, it is very important to use the right key words keeping in mind the relevance to the situation.

2. In certain situations, it is better to send out press statements than media statements.

3. Localizing the content in the communication is also equally important.

4. Always remember, you don’t talk to the media; you talk through the media.

5. Focus on facts and key messages.

6. Say it all and Say it fast.

7. Do not keep exclusivity in your communication.

8. Get communication around your brand’s point of view on the crisis in the media.

9. Credibility and investing in relationships with the media will ensure of your brand’s point of view.

10. Plan the content of communication, spokesperson and the mode of communication in par with situational details and intensity of the crisis.


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