I never was able to figure out why my mother kept insisting on maintaining relations be it with relatives or with friends -old and new. What my mother could not make me do in 30 years, the world of PR has in just over 3 months.

The only constant and consistent point we were told in almost every session was that along with communication, the other most important aspect in Public Relations profession was building and maintaining relationship with the media. Infact if ever you were to choose between your client and the media, it would be wise to choose media over the client. ‘Coz while clients will come and go, media remains the same. And boy, aint gonna be easy!

I had a new learning in a session I attended on media relations and engagement recently. Its not few journalists from a particular beat or a sector but with the whole media house you have to build relations with! Here I was fighting with my mother about not wanting to talk or visit a relative and now I have to not only build but also maintain my relations with every media house. And mind you, it does not involve only phone calls or a few customary Whatsapp messages.

While the whole concept of building relations with the media is very new to me, I also am looking forward to it. For all you know, I might actually make some new good friends out there … 🙂


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