While I can’t stop talking about the zillion eating joints in Bandra, I do have a few favorites around here.

5. Punjabi Rasoi, Linking Road– No matter which corner of the world you are in or how sophisticated you try to be, just the mention of Butter Chicken and all the Indianness will start flowing. These are my go to guys for butter chicken and roti days.


4. The J, Carter Road– The most amazing and yummilicious varieties of french fries you’ll find ever. Its worth cheating over! ❤

3. Sheron, Hill Road– This is the place to go for anything chicken!

2. Theobroma, Linking Road– “A party without cake is just a meeting”. Not just any cake, the red velvet cake here is worth dying for. The only place which introduced me to red velvet cake and left me wanting more every time. Although the service here can kind of tick you off, the first bite of the cake will erase it all off.

1. Coffee by Di Bella, 24th Road– My most favorite dessert since I’ve moved to Bombay are the Waffles at Di Bella. I can have them at any time of the day. And the friendly staff here make the whole waffle experience better even if its the 100th time you’re eating here. I can’t think of what would I do if and when I move out of Bombay or for that matter any area even in Bombay which has no Di Bella outlet!


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