‘Hum tum mein sirf ek hi problem hai…

ki tumhare bina hum adhoore hai’

Hum Tum is truly Bollywood’s first rom-com. Unlike Hollywood, the idea that a boy and girl could meet, have their own unique form of attraction and think about their future together was unknown to Bollywood. After having hundreds of Hindi movies in which love at first sight was the only time the couple exchanged few stolen glances before being led to the mandap and take the customary path there on, Hum Tum comes as a refresher where the boy and the girl don’t jump from like to love in a flash.

Rhea and Karan are at the centre of the narrative in the movie. They’re given their own time, just the two of them to do stuff that regular people do – chat, flirt. And the movie keeps steering plot points for them to keep meeting, leaving and coming back again.

The actors chosen for the lead have done a brilliant job playing their parts. Saif is perfectly cast as the spoilt brat wannabe cartoonist Karan, who thinks playing silly pranks is the best way to get a girl’s attention. And Rani Mukherji as Rhea, who first chases him off, then blows him off again and then takes a long, considering look at him is a great fit and is a complete natural. The two play their parts well together. Its like they’re not just mouthing their dialogues at each other; they’re talking to each other.

Although the cartoon characters who keep popping up every now and then get irritating after a while, you can still crack a smile when you see Rhea and Karan do their thing in a cute manner.

The locations add to the high visual appeal of the movie.


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