A Richie-rich, deeply depressed after being dumped, bumps into a high spirited chatterbox. And love blossoms

She’s a full of life chatterbox whose favorite pass time is running away. He’s a poor little rich boy who’s been dumped. They meet on a train. She’s off to Bathinda, he has no clue where’s he going nor does he care, and they instantly get into the squabbling strangers mode.

Jab We Met (JWM) also gave us a director with a fresh voice, with an ability to refashion romance. The movie had a right mix of good looking leads, the obligatory ‘cute meet’ opening followed by a most entertaining breaking the ice sequence between the soon to-be lovers. Both the leads, fashioned as the proverbial chalk and cheese, are very attractive rooted characters. After being dumped, he’s in a state of self pity which might be very familiar amongst the target audience. She’s running away simply for no other reason than that she thinks its a good idea and its fun. And when a girl like Geet thinks its a good idea, there’s nothing on this earth that can distract her from it.

This is the first time Shahid and Kareena have been convincing as as young lovers. It also gave us a Shahid who has realized the value of less is more and hence lets his eyes do most of the talking. Although kareena justifies the character of over bubbly Geet, she is much better in the second half where she’s quiet and simple.


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