A boy and a girl fall in love… He’s poor. She’s rich. There’s a conflict between rich and the poor.And then, suddenly on the day he’s about to taste success, he vanishes . She’s heartbroken. Will they find each other? Will true love triumph over tragedy?

The movie Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai (KNPH) released in 2000 and turned out to be a monster blockbuster for a long time. I still remember very vividly the time the movie was released. I was still in school, but the craze it had developed had everyone talking only and only about the around around the time.

It was the start of the new millennium and so was only perfectly appropriate that a new star was born with a film which used one of the oldest tricks in the book – a double role! A brand-new lead pair, new exotic locations, a new look – KNPH had it all. We could safely call it “The first new millennium Hindi movie” which was genuinely and irrefutably new.

And this is where my first major rather all time celebrity crush started. The hazel-eyed Hrithik Roshan shot to the zenith of dizzying success that most new entrants could only dream of. He was tall, slim with matinee idol looks and oodles of sex appeal. Although he resembled his father a lot, he had that extra something which his father lacked and which set him apart from the rest. I can just go on and on and on about Hrithik … 😉

Coming back to the movie, the plot was carefully and very well plotted as to showcase Hirthik in all ways possible. The first half had him as  an innocent ordinary young man from an ordinary background. In the second, he is an NRI wearing leather, large shades and attitude. Both Hrithiks have something in common- they check all boxes of a leading man who is good at everything he does.

The leading lady, Amisha Patel too was appropriately new-agey. With a cute sounding Hindi, although she wore modern clothes, like all good Indian girls, her first love was her only true love.

Hrithik also had one other thing that set him apart from other heroes who had been launched the traditional way of introducing new faces i.e love stories, was that yes, he could act. But his moves, oh my god, he danced like a dream! His dance was electric and very different from the regular jhatkas that characterized heroes before him. No one could ever get enough of him. His dance in ‘Ek pal ka jeena’ with his baseball cap worn backwards, a transparent black vest showing off his chiseled abs and his black pants, stopped both the leading lady and us, in our tracks.

KNPH gave us a new age hero who was both tough and soft, hard and vulnerable, who moved like a dream and also fought for his rights. Hrithik’s Greek-God looks and brilliant acting skills made the audience fall in love with him!


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