A modern day college romance with designer sets, preppy jokes and brightly colour coordinated clothes. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (KKHH) gave the film industry a director/producer who changed the course of film making – mixing old with new, blending traditional with modern, exotic locations, hummable music, catchy youthful dialogs and introduced trend setters.

KKHH was a movie that could be watched with friends and family…which made you happy and sad equally. KKHH changed the manner in which friendships were forged and created a fashion wave every college goer wanted to ride. Friendship bands were a rage post the release of the film and have since then become symbolic of Friendship Day. Shah Rukh Khan’s T-shirts inscribed with the words ‘POLO’ and locket that read, ‘COOL’ flooded the markets. Kajol’s short blunt cut also became a trend and stylists had to style thousands of mane in the same style post the release of the film not to forget the hair bands.

The good part of KKHH is that there are some true moments in the movie while the three friends fall in love.


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