Based on the Battle of Longewala, full of rousing battle scenes and strong performances, this has been Bollywood’s best known war film.

Border is a memorable movie in its own right because it gives us war with a degree of detail and authenticity unmatched in Hindi movies previously. Most of us might not remember this war. However, the vivid colours and textures of battle recreated by Border’s scenarists is so real and life-like that all previous efforts pale in comparison.

The movie is a tribute to the soldiers who were martyred in the 1971 war  and clearly reflects how serious business it is for the brave men who guard the country. A soldier’s courage in the face of the relentlessly advancing enemy is most amazing. It makes him defy death with unbelievable acts of valour.

Border is based on a real-life incident at Longewala, when Kuldip Singh Chandpuri and his band of 120 men held at bay Pakistani tanks and scores of soldiers. Although they were order to retreat to saftey because the nearest air base could not give them covering fires as the planes at the fledging base could not fly at night, they refused to abandon their post and fought through the night, losing several lives. They emerged victorious with the dawn of morning, bloody but unbowed and proud!

Its all present in the movie – the macho soldierly things, the heavy-handed humour, the backslappings, aggression towards new recurits, the daredevilry and the do-or-die attitude. The sequences where the soldiers are waiting for the war, have a slice of life quality in them.

The music in the movie also very nicely and effortlessly displays the loneliness of the long-distance soldier who’s only link to home and loved ones who pray and long for their safe return is a precious letter.





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