Two unemployed tenants and a landlord, in desperate need of money, chance upon a ransom call via a cross connection. They hatch a plan to claim the ransom for themselves.

Hera Pheri, a remake of the malyalam original, revived the middle class comedy movie in Bollywood.

The plot is basic and streamlined with three unlikely conspirators set out to make a fortune through fair means or foul.

Paresh Rawal’s performance, the landlord with perfect comic timing is marvelous. As Baburao Apte, the short-sighted owner of a garage-sum-house with a fondness for drinks, Paresh is full blooded and rounded.

Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty play the two unemployed and poor guys who are drawn to the idea of money, are both credible in their performance.

Tabu as always is a delight. Right through the movie she’s seen in simple saris and thick glasses which draws attention not to the way she looks but to the way she fills the part of a spirited working girl.


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