Nine months ago, I moved from Bangalore to the city of dreams,Mumbai. Confused but at the same time hopeful about having made the right choice- of stepping out of my comfort zone, taking a whole new path in my career and being successful in the same.

Initial few weeks, I missed Bangalore and the simpler life here a lot. But gradually with time I started getting used to Mumbai and the fact paced life there. The local trains, the chai from the tapri wala and the evening walks by the seaside at carter road became a routine. I’ve gotten so used to them, now that I’m in Bangalore barely for a few days and I miss them already.

I’ve experience living in Delhi as well, but life in Mumbai is very different. You get addicted to living here. While your living area might not be as big, but the city welcomes you with really wide open arms and makes you feel at home in no time.

When I moved in here, I was so sure that by the end of the academic year, I would surely move back to Bangalore as that was my city, my home. But now that the time is nearing I am as confused as I was while leaving from Bangalore. There’s something about this city which does not let you go, won’t let you move on…

While I’m confident and glad about my new career choice made, I really don’t know if I will be able to accept Bangalore completely as my city again.

And now I understand the feelings and sentiments of my friends who during graduation had moved to Bangalore from Mumbai. Now I understand, why Mumbai really is their and now meri jaan as well! 🙂


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