Zakhm is about the personal and political conflicts reflecting the anguish of the film-maker and the people impacted and divided by communal friction.

Zakhm is about Hindus and Muslims, communal divide and divisive politics, love and longing, life and death. It is remarkably one of the best movies of the year. It has the courage to address the issues which most of us prefer avoiding.

The protagonist, Ajay Devgan, as he watches his mother take her last breath, flashes back to the past. Even as a boy, he has known that religion kills. His mother, a Muslim lived a half-life, because his father, a Hindu, could not legalize the relationship. Even in death she is nearly denied dignity because her other son, oblivious to her identity, involved in a fundamentalist Hindu organization, insists on having her last rites as a Hindustani aurat.

The conflicts are real. So are the concerns. The drama ensures that we have a Muslim woman in a Christian hospital surrounded by Hindu activists.

With Zakhm, Mahesh Bhatt proves conclusively that he is talking about life as he has lived it.


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